Foundation Repair San Leandro

For those residents of San Leandro whose foundations are giving them sleepless nights, Ward construction is the perfect company to help you. We have already helped many San Leandro families repair their foundations, but also make the most out of their basements. One such family is the Wilsons, a family of five who have lived in San Leandro for two decades. After living in the house for so many years, the Wilson family decided it would be a good idea to give the house a thorough review.  They got all sorts of people in to look at the various aspects of the house;  going from the tip of the roof to the bottom of the basement. For the most part, the house was in good shape. Some wiring and pipes needed to be replaced and the exterior of the house needed another coat of paint. It was only when they came to the foundations of the house that the Wilsons realized that they had a big job on their hands.

There was only one company they could trust, and that was us.

Once we had done an estimate of the Wilson’s home, we were able to determine the root of the problem. Over the years, moisture from the soil surrounding the house had seeped into the foundations.

This is a problem we are very familiar with.

Though the job took some time to complete, as it was quite a big task and most of the foundation had either to be replaced and repaired, we never leave a customer unhappy. This is fairly easy to achieve if you have a team that has the experience and the know-how to complete a job without unnecessary hassles and intrusions into the family’s life – his is certainly the case with us.

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