Foundation Repair El Cerrito


Ward construction, local to El Cerrito is a company that specialises in foundation repair. Luckily the Davis family were able to find us quickly after they found out, not only were they having another baby but the foundations of their house were not as they should be. The house had been spacious enough for the Davis family, Henry, Ann and their two kids, not to mention the dog. But Ann had just found out she was pregnant and realised the house simply wasn’t big enough. To her credit she realised the eldest boy might like his own space and so they planned to turn the basement into an extra for him to use. Unfortunately the foundations of the house had not been considered in a while and basement was damp and full of moisture. Not to mention that when it rained, there appeared to be some leaks.

We were called in to repair the foundation.

We also went about making the basement into a waterproof and liveable space. In order to this we had to bolster the existing foundation, providing the extra support that it needed. We also took charge of closing up any leaks and cracks in the basement. This meant that not only did the Davis’s eldest have an amazing room of his own but that the house was now in excellent condition.

We have vast amounts of experience in foundation repair and foundation maintenance, and were able to offer the Davis family cost-effect help.

Were it not for Mrs Davis’s bright idea and the help we were able to offer in repairing their foundation the family would have had to find another home. By providing a far more inexpensive option and helping to repair the foundation, we left another home safe and another family satisfied.

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