Foundation Repair Concord


We at Ward construction appreciates the importance of your home, taking the saying ‘home is where the heart is’ into consideration before beginning any kind of repair on your foundation. Bill and Jenna found this out first hand. Bill and Jenna, local Concord residents bought a house soon after they were married. They planned on a medium size family: the two of them and two children so wisely they invested in a three bedroom house. When they bought the house it had been carefully maintained and was overall in good condition. As the family grew the house had to bend to the needs of their expanding and busy lives, and due to tight finances and general wear and tear they began to have problems maintaining the house. The rest of the house needed a little maintenance, but the basement which the family used for storage and laundry had become damp and horrible. The foundation had weakened over the years, as had the waterproofing, allowing moisture to seek into the house.

We were called in to repair the foundation, and got to work right away.

After an inspection of the foundation and the surrounding area, we were able to deduce that though the rest of the house was in pretty good shape, the foundations had been left to themselves for too long.

Luckily we have extensive experience in repairing foundations, and so were able to tend to the problems effectively and as quickly as possible.

For Bill and Jenna, this was a huge relief. With a family always busy and on the go, the stability of their foundation and the extra space was invaluable. We not only repaired the foundation of the lovely home but also gave them peace of mind. Bill and Jenna’s happy Concord family could go about their lives without the stress of weak foundations.

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