Foundation Repair Piedmont

Ward construction, a local company is devoted to foundation repair in Piedmont, and we can assist you like we did the Edwards family. The Edwards are a local Piedmont family, they moved into their house soon after they were married and have lived there for fifteen years. Over the years they have done the little bit of work that the house required; a coat of paint here and a tightened screw there were about all that was needed. During this time, the foundation of their home didn’t appear to give them much trouble, though the occasional crack appeared on the wall. It was only in the fifteenth year that the foundation of their home really began to give them trouble.

Without hesitation they called us to do the foundation repair.

When we came to do a preliminary estimate for the foundation, we spent a lot of time going over the foundations around the house and when we came to evaluate the basement we realised not only was there a lot of damage, but that the Edwards needed to use the basement as a storage space. We know that a healthy foundation is imperative to a healthy structure and so we set about clearing out the basement in order to have better access to the weakened part of the foundation.

We wasted no time in getting to work.

Unbeknownst to the Edwards, over the decade and half that they had lived in their house the high water content in the soil around their home had slowly eroded the strength of their foundation. This meant that we had to reinforce the majority of the foundation and attempt to waterproof or insulate the newer foundations that we were putting in. After some hard work the Edwards family were able to live happily in their Piedmont home.

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