Foundation Repair Kensington

There can be no doubt that the foundation of your home is important and because of this you need the best people to maintain it and those people are us. Ward construction is a company in Kensington that is dedicated to the maintenance and repair of your foundation. Kelly and James, residents of Kensington were having a terrible time with their home; it seemed like a simple problem so they put off doing any work on it. The problem they were having was in the basement, which they used it regularly as a storage area for old boxes and for the laundry. It was plagued by moisture that seeped up the walls and made the space very unpleasant to be in. Since they took so long to call us in, the damage from the moisture had not only seeped up the walls but had begun to affect the old wooden beams which formed part of the foundation.

So when we were called in, we had quite a big job on our hands.

After clearing out the basement of the Kensington home, we began stripping the walls, which needed to be replaced but it also gave them access to the foundations behind the wall.

The house was old, but it had been worked on before so not all of the foundation was wood, a situation we are familiar with.

Unfortunately for Kelly and James part of the wooden foundation had been weakened by the moisture, and needed to be replaced. Though this was a long process and once the foundations had been replaced, the walls needed to be reconstructed we did the best we could not to intrude too heavily into the routine of Kelly and James’s life during the repair. The foundation was now as strong as ever and, we were able to leave another Kensington customer pleased.

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