Foundation repair Emeryville

There is a local company dedicated to foundation repair in Emeryville that can help you just like they helped Amanda and Tom. And that is us, Ward construction. The family we helped are a local Emeryville family, who have been residents of their community for many years. They have lived in the same house since their first child was born but they were expecting twins and the house needed a good once-over and a whole new baby-proofing experience. During the once-over of the house they found several cracks in the kitchen and in the basement. Luckily for Amanda and Tom a friend referred them to us for their foundation repair.

We stepped in quickly, knowing that the family were in for some big changes.

We did a thorough inspection of the foundation, basement and surrounding area. During this investigation we paid particular attention to the soil surrounding Amanda and Tom’s house, they were trying to determine whether poor drainage or high water content were responsible for the weakness in the foundation.

We discovered that this was not the problem; instead we had to look at the structure of the foundation itself.

Fortunately we are experienced in dealing with foundation repair, and know what we are doing when it comes to foundations and so we were able to detect a significant weakness in the foundation wall in one section of the basement. But we were not there to simply detect but to repair and so we set about repairing Amanda and Tom’s foundation. The house was now baby-proof and in good care. To top it all off Ward construction was also able to provide a safe and spacious storage space that Amanda and Tom could use for many years to come. Thanks to us the foundation was repaired and there was more space for the family so they could stay in Emeryville.

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