Drainage problems produce mold, musty smells, moisture in crawlspaces, dampness, water seeping through foundation walls, damp or flooded basements, mudslides, and more. Ward Construction specializes in correcting drainage problems. We design and install french drains, correct grading, put up retaining walls, and whatever it takes to permanently make your home safe and dry.

The purpose of drainage is to try to protect your home from moisture either by insulating it or by directing unwanted water a safe distance from the house.  The best thing to do is to make sure that the drainage around your home is able to keep up with your drainage needs and that it is maintained properly. The primary object of drainage is to keep the foundation around your home as dry as possible. This can be achieved by installing gutters around the roof of your home. Gutters catch the water and then drain it down and away from the foundation through down-spouts. If your gutters are not maintained they can become clogged, which leaves the water to spill over into the ground around your foundation.

Another drainage method which acts in conjunction with the gutters and down-spout is a French drain. This is a trench filled with gravel or rock that catches the water and transports it further away from the foundation. The combination of these drainage methods will assist in keeping the foundation as dry as possible.

At Ward Construction we have decades of experience with drainage, foundation repair, leveling and other structural foundation issues. If you want a professional estimate, or you suspect you need a drainage solution for your home, call Ward Construction today at (510) 215-3636.

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