Foundation Repair Alameda

Harold and Emma, long-time residents of Alameda had recently inherited a beautiful old house from Harold’s grandmother. The house was large and well maintained, except for the foundations and basement section of the house. Harold and Emma desperately needed to use that space as a storage area but also a play area for the three children.

After doing some ‘homework’, the Alameda couple found us, Ward construction: a reliable foundation repair company operating in Alameda

Due to the age of the house, the foundations had been poorly maintained which left us a bit of a detective job. Before we could begin the repairs to the foundation, we had to figure out where the weaknesses and damages were. One the most common causes of foundation frailty it differential land settlement, where over time the soil around the foundation either moves into a permanent position or is destabilised by increased or decreased water content in the soil.

In order to test this, we as Harold and Emma’s foundation repair specialists, were required to dig just next to the foundation of their house, sampling the soil and adjusting their repair plan accordingly. Luckily for Harold and Emma and Grandmother’s house the problem did lie in the high water content of the soil.

So we needed to waterproof the basement and repair the damage to the existing foundation.

This was sufficient to turn the basement of Harold and Emma’s new house into the storage space they needed. As well as the play area the children needed. The inheritance of an old a largely well maintained house could have nonetheless caused the Alameda residents a lot of financial strain, especially with a neglected basement and weakened foundations. Yet our swift action and help meant that Harold and Emma’s family could move into their new home without hassle or too much stress. It was lucky that we were able to help these Alameda residents with their foundation repair.

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