Foundation Repair Lafayette

Ward construction is a company that is trusted and reliable dedicated to foundation repair serving Lafayette. We specialize in maintaining and repairing any damage or weakening to the foundation of your home that may have occurred. There are a few common causes of foundation failure including, poor workmanship, old age, poor soil conditions and perhaps the most uncontrollable: the elements. Heavy rainfall can often be detrimental to the integrity of your foundation. The result of this is that the earth around your foundation can become saturated and with nowhere to go the moisture may cause foundations failure.

This is only one problem that we could discover in the foundation of your home or business.

Another problem which is often seen to cause damage to foundations is settling. Settling occurs after the house has been built, after all the construction that disturbs the soil, it seems logical that the soil would need to settle once again. And this is what happens once the house has been built, the soil around it settles into permanent positions. If this settling is uneven it can cause cracks in the walls of your home and in the foundation. This instability may only be infinitesimal and not affect your home, but it can also lead to substantial weakening of the foundation.

We are the perfect company to help you make sure that the foundation of your home is in good condition.

Although we can’t change the soil that your house sits on, we can reinforce the foundation. While settling cannot be helped, Ward construction serving Lafayette, can maintain the integrity of your foundation.

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