Foundation Repair Pleasanton

If you are a resident of Pleasanton and are having some misgivings about the foundation of your home or business, we can help. Ward construction is a company specifically dedicated to the maintenance and repair of your foundation. This is important because just as foundations are often overlooked, they are also the part of your home which requires the most experienced and trusted attention. We are enthusiastic about foundations. The way children feel about candy is the way we feel about foundations.

So if you are going to trust anyone with the care and repair of your foundation, it should be us.

There are several natural phenomena which contribute to the aging and weakening of your foundation.

The one most of us are familiar with is rain. Our homes are surrounded by gutters which are made to catch the rain water and then drain it away to a safe distance. If this is not done properly then the water just runs straight down into the soil around your home. This leaves all the work to the soil directly next to your foundation and depending on the soil, it can become saturated. With the moisture in close proximity to the foundation, weakening can often occur.

Luckily we know all the tricks in protecting your foundation.

If what you need is a proper gutter and drainage system installed then we can be of assistance. If the moisture has already seeped into your foundation then Ward construction of Pleasanton is also at your service. In any case we will complete a thorough estimate to repair your foundation and make sure that your foundation will be in good health and well protected for a long time.

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