Fremont foundation repair

There are any number of things that can go wrong in your foundation and Ward construction knows every, single one. With extensive experience in everything to do with foundations and personnel who know their way around a foundation better than they know their own homes, we are a respected and trusted company dedicated to the health and well-being of your foundation. Angie’s house had been in her family for a while when she moved in. Most of the house was in a terrible state, but nowhere was in as bad a state as the basement. After asking around Angie was put in contact with us, a local Fremont company that could take on the big job of repairing the foundation itself and the smaller job of turning the basement into a useable space.

We were certainly up to the task, and began right away.

The first order of business was to ascertain how much of the damage was caused by age or by the weather. This required a thorough inspection of the foundation itself and the surrounding soil. The soil was partially to blame as it did not offer drainage to remove sufficient moisture from the soil surrounding the foundation. In order to remedy this, we set about waterproofing the inside of the basement and setting up proper drains to remove water from the rain gutters to a safe distance from the house.

The next task before us was to repair the damage done to the inside section of the foundation.

With the substantial part of the repairs over, and feeling assured that her foundation was now secure and healthy, Angie was able to move onto the rest of the house. Thanks to the hard work and dedication we put in to the repair of Angie’s foundation, her Fremont home is well on its way to perfect health.

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