Foundation Repair Berkeley

Ward construction, serving Berkeley, specializes in foundation repair. We are a local company established to make sure that the integrity of the foundation of your home or business is maintained and repaired if necessary. The integrity of the foundation of your building is of the utmost importance and having a foundation repair company like us, just a call a way, can make a huge difference to the proper functioning of your home or office. If a heavy rainfall leaves the soil around and under your building saturated or the water is unable to drain away properly this can weaken the soils that support your foundation.

But this is where we step in to repair the foundation!

We are able and willing to repair any damage that may have been inflicted on the foundation of your home or business by the harsh elements. Usually the soil that your foundation is built upon is a mixture of different kinds of soil. Because we have extensive knowledge of the different soils and how they permit water to drain at different rates, we are perfectly positioned to help you repair any damage caused to your foundation.

Not only can we at Ward construction investigate the causes of the weakening of your foundation, which may be structural or weather related, we can also offer real advice and solutions to repair the foundation.

While water is but one natural element that can cause damage to your foundation, it is not the only one. The soil on which the foundation is build is also important and having a company, serving Berkeley which specializes in foundation repair can only be advantageous. Reminding homeowners that though we may build, our buildings are still at the mercy of the elements; but we will repair any damage that Mother Nature inflicts.

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