Ward Construction provides services in the greater San Francisco Bay Area including, Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, Hayward, Marin and other East Bay and North Bay cities.

Here’s an example of the type of services provided:

We will remove and replace the 24 feet long portion of foundation located beneath the front wall of your home. The new foundation will comply with the U.B.C. standards for a 2 story home. On top of the new foundation we will secure a new pressure treated sill with 5/8 inch anchor bolts. We will add new studs and block as necessary, and install ½ plywood panels nailed every 4 inches along their perimeter over 1 face of the existing cripple wall.

After the furnace is removed from its current location, we will excavate the area, and form and pour a new concrete pad with wing walls along three sides. Behind the walls we will place a 4 inch perforated pipe and backfill with gravel. This pipe will extend beneath the right side foundation, and along the right side to the front corner. To accomplish this, we will remove and replace a portion of the right sidewalk. The drain will discharge through a 4 inch solid pipe across your front yard to the street.

We will make the above-mentioned furnace pad approximately 5 feet wider.

We will install 5/8 inch epoxy-set anchor bolts, and install ½ plywood panels over the 23 feet long cripple wall located towards the rear of your sub-area.

We will install two 18 inch diameter piers and haunches along the front of your home.

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