Ward Construction provides services in the San Francisco Bay Area- specifically in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin and Solano Counties.

Here”s an example of the type of services provided:

Per the plans, we will remove the existing front retaining walls and replace them with the new designed walls. All materials on the wall will be redwood. The side walls will attach to the front walls with a cleat. Over the top of the 8×8 post portion of the wall we will secure a 2×10 cap. Over all else we will use a 2 x8 cap. Behind the walls we will backfill with gravel.

Not on the plan, but also included, we will remove and replace the front steps and replace 28 lineal feet of step facing and walkway edging.

If the right side wall can be shortened to approximately 16 feet, by either widening one or both of the concrete steps, one 8×8 post and 8 feet deep post hole will be eliminated. This will be a savings of $ 820.00.

At the rear of your home we will do the following work:

1. Install one 6 inch surface drain at the base of the rear stone wall, and extend a shallow sub-drain between it and the existing rear house drain.

2. Remove and replace the existing landing boards located at the inside corner of the rear block retaining wall and add one joist beneath the center span.

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