Ward Construction provides services in the greater San Francisco Bay Area including, Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, Hayward, Marin and other East Bay and North Bay cities.

Here’s an example of the type of services provided:

we will do the following work:

Remove and replace all of retaining wall section #2, and section #1 between the garage and the planter. We will re-attach the existing redwood facing to the front of the wall, and install a new cap over the new portion of the wall. Behind the wall we will place a 4 inch solid pipe and backfill with gravel. The new drain will discharge through a 4 inch solid pipe beneath the brick patio and concrete driveway and connect to the existing drain previously installed by Ward Construction. We will remove and replace the existing bricks as necessary, and a strip of concrete in the driveway.

We will attempt to stagger the new posts from the old as much as we can. We will demolish the old post concrete as necessary at a rate of $ per hour.We will replace the existing 2 x 12 redwood facing with new material at a cost of approximately $ per lineal foot of 2 x 12 lumber. We will remove and replace the remaining portion of wall #1. We will excavate behind wall #3, install four new 6 x 6 posts and pressure treated lagging. Behind the new lagging we will place a 4 inch perforated pipe and backfill with gravel. We will excavate along the left side of the garage, fill the cracks in the foundation with non-shrink grout, seal the foundation and install a perforated pipe with gravel backfill. We will construct a 2 feet by 10 feet long redwood planter along the front portion of the left side of the garage. We will seal the foundation behind the new planter.

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