Catch Basins are sometimes necessary, and drainage may need to connect to a catch basin, for example:

We will excavate a triangular area from the front of the garage back to the driveway catch basin to expose the existing 12-inch discharge pipe. We will then remove the 12-inch pipe from the catch basin to the garage foundation and replace it with a new 6-inch pipe that will extend from a new catch basin to inside the remaining 12-inch pipe that runs through the sub-area.  We will tie the existing two drains into the new 6” drain.  We will then pour a concrete bulkhead around the existing 12-inch pipe where it enters the sub-area. We will remove and replace the driveway pavers as necessary.

If after excavating the area in front of the garage, we find the existing sub-drain to be deficient, additional recommendations will be made.

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