When cracks get to be 1/4 inch or larger, it is important to examine the cause very closely, and get to the source of the problem.  Cracks that appear in stairs, vertical cracks, horizontal cracks and cracks in bricks or blocks suggest there may be serious underlying problems needing to be corrected.  Deep concrete cracks can be plugged by injecting epoxy putty.  The cost to have a contractor do this type of work may be in the range of $1,400 to $3,000.  If you are inclined to take on this type of job yourself, you can probably do it successfully.  The epoxy injection remedy usually is effective in stopping water from seeping through cracks.

Of course injecting epoxy into cracks will not level your house, or correct the underlying problems which caused the cracks in the first place. If the cracks are caused by unstable soil for example, it’s very likely that the cracks will reappear, or new ones will form.

So while it’s good to patch cracks and stop water from coming in the house, recognize that it’s important to investigate what else is going on.  You obviously want to avoid covering up a problem that is going to haunt you later.  It does you no good to ignore a foundation repair problem, and just hope it goes away

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