Drainage Problems

Drainage problems can cause a lot of problems to your foundation, and water being where it’s not supposed to be should be corrected without delay.  Water can actually wash out the soil your foundation sits on, and undermine the stability of your home. Such erosion can be caused by a broken water pipe, a faulty French drain, poor grading, or other yard problems.

Extensive erosion can sometimes be corrected with more concrete. Sometimes it’s possible to shim the sill plate to make the area level again. Sometimes it’s necessary to tear out a portion of the foundation, rebuild it, and connect new section to the old section with rebar and epoxy.

Drainage Problem Fixes

Simple fixes are sometimes not sufficient if the underlying cause is not first fixed. Be sure and check your French trains are working properly. Diverting water away from the foundation is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your home.

Drainage Problem Locations

We fix drainage problems around the homes in the hilly areas of Alameda, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Oakland, Walnut Creek, El Sobrante, Alamo, Orinda, Dublin, Hayward, Lafayette, Moraga, San Francisco, and Marin County.

Drainage Problem Mistakes

The worst thing you can do about a drainage problem is ignore it and hope it goes away.  Chances are, it will only get worse.  You can expect your drainage problem to cause further erosion, possibly mud-slides, and water beneath your house.

If you are building a retaining wall, chances are you need to consider improving drainage around your home.  Many people try to fix drainage when a retaining wall is really called for as part of the drainage solution.

If you suspect you have a drainage problem, just call a reputable contractor who fixes drainage problems, and set up a plan to correct it.

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