Ward Construction provides services in the greater San Francisco Bay Area including, Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, Hayward, Marin and other East Bay and North Bay cities.

Here’s an example of the type of services provided:

We will construct three 18 inch diameter reinforced concrete piers, drilled to the specified depth along the rear of your home. Additional depth or piers as required by the engineer, will be installed at a cost of $xxx per foot. We will off-haul all of the dirt spoils. The owner to obtain the building permit.

All pier drilling through hard ground or rock that requires coring, or re-drilling of piers due to cave-ins, or drilling through polymer filled holes will be billed at $xxx0 per hour in addition to the contract price. If contractor encounters existing house piers that need to be demolished to allow for new pier placement, or disconnected from the existing foundation to allow for lifting the house, there will be an additional cost of $xxx per man hour.

If the pier locations are in the area of concrete flatwork, steel anchor bolts may be used to secure the drill-rig to the concrete. After drilling, these bolts will be cut off flush with the concrete surface and left in the concrete. This concrete can be removed and replaced at a cost of $xx per square foot.

The contract price is based upon the existing foundation depth being approximately 24 inches or less. If the bottom of the existing foundation is more than 24 inches deep, there may be additional costs and possibly changes to the design.

It must be thoroughly understood that the work described in this contract should not be construed to be any type of long-term guarantee or insurance against future settlement problems that may occur at the site. We feel that these improvements will greatly reduce the risks of future settlement, but any risk that still remains must be borne by the owners of the building.

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