Foundation Repair Brentwood

Ward Construction, dedicated to foundation repair is at your service! Do you have a sneaking suspicion that all is not well with the foundations of your home or office? Is this feeling bothering you day and night? Are you not sure how to proceed or how to even find the problem? Then it is clear that you need our experience with foundations and our skills in repairing them.

Whether the foundation in question is that of your home or business, we really can and will help you.

Sometimes it is difficult for the untrained eye to determine what the problem with the foundation might be, and this can lead to some very unnecessary DIY projects, taking time and effort that could be expended elsewhere. It could even put your existing foundation in peril. So instead of struggling with the problem yourself, call people who know their way around any foundation, us. Luckily we have extensive experience solving any number of foundation repair related issues. For instance, determining the weakness of the foundation can in itself be a bit of sleuth work. If it is an old house perhaps the foundations have simply destabilised due to age. If this is not the case it could be the water content of the soil supporting your foundation, or it could in fact be the way the ground around your foundation has settled over the years.

We are experts at determining such problems.

So rather than relying on guesswork that might further damage your foundation or yourself, call in the experts who can find the root of the problem, be it age or nature, and offer trusted advice and expertise. From the simplest, smallest crack to large-scale refurbishment, if you are having trouble with your foundation, call us in t repair your Brentwood home.

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