Foundation Repair Alamo

Alamo structural foundation problems in your house, garage, or commercial building can cause one or more of the following observable symptoms or conditions: (Actual example of a Alamo foundation repair job is detailed below.)

  • floors out of level
  • cracks in walls (especially above doors and windows)
  • sticking doors
  • sticky windows
  • cracks in concrete walls
  • cracks in brick walls
  • crack or cracks in perimeter foundations
  • cracks in driveways

Foundation Repair Causes in Alamo

Structural foundation problems typically found in Alamo by specialists can be caused by one or more of the following conditions for which repairs may be called for by your architect, engineer, or general contractor:

  • Poor drainage problem (wet soaked soil, mud, muddy under house)
  • Bad smell in basement or crawlspace caused by mold or mildew
  • poor grading
  • deficient underpinning or underpinning needs replacment
  • earthquake or earthquakes
  • land movement or landslide
  • failed retaining wall problem
  • expansive soil like the clay soil found in the bay area (that expands and contracts with soaking and drying)
  • rotting beams
  • rotted posts
  • wet crawl spaces, where soil is soaked under the home

If you find any of the above on your property, you need a qualified contractor or structural engineer to give you a professional estimate, so you can discover the best way to repair or fix the problem at the lowest cost. Be sure and choose a foundation repair construction companies, engineering firms, or specialist expert inspectors that specialize in foundation repair work, and can provide the necessary permit or permits. We are a Bluebook listed foundation repair construction company you can rely on.

Heres an example of a foundation repair job we did in Alamo :

Enclosed is a copy of the recent floor level survey done at your home, showing it to be 4.2 inches out of level. We will construct approximately eight 18 inch diameter piers and haunches along the rear and left side of your home. The estimated depth of the piers is 15 feet. We will then lift the existing foundation of your home off of the new piers leaving it within approximately 2 inches of level.

We will construct approximately 8 more piers along the right and left sides of your home. We will lift these additional portions of your home to leave it within approximately 1 inch of level.

Whatever foundation repair or structural problem in Alamo, call Ward Construction for a professional estimate and expert opinion.

In Alamo, we specialize in foundation repair.

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