Per the plans drawn by, and conversation with architect, we will do the following work:

1.  Demolish the existing wood retaining wall located along the left side of your home, and excavate the upper bank back approximately 24 inches. The new wall will be set back approximately 12 inches up-slope from the existing one.

2. Construct a new concrete wall, substituting 18 inch concrete columns for the steel posts. The columns will be reinforced with a rebar cage consisting of six #7 bars wrapped in a #4 spiral and formed to the top of the wall. The anticipated depth for the piers is 12 feet. We will run #5 bars horizontally through the column forms to reinforce the concrete panels. On top of the wall we will construct a 42 inch tall wood guard rail using pressure treated lumber. Behind the wall we will set a 4 inch perforated pipe and backfill with gravel wrapped in filter fabric. The new pipe will connect to the existing downspout drain. We will off-haul all spoils.

The owner to provide building permit.

In conjunction with the above, we will construct a 2 feet tall keystone wall approximately 10 feet downslope from the above-mentioned wall. We will then excavate, off-haul, and grade the soil to slope from the bottom the concrete wall to the top of the keystone wall.

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