Thank you for the opportunity to provide you the following estimate for work at your home.

Per the enclosed elevations, we will lift the interior floors off of existing post jacks to bring them into a flatter plane.

We will construct a drainage system along the front, left, and rear sides of the home. The system will start at the front of the home adjacent the left side of the garage with a trench 30 inches deep. From here it will extend along the front to the left corner, the left side to the rear corner, (including both sides of the living room slate porch), and along the rear to the right corner. At this point, if the location of the underground storm drain can be determined, and permission is granted from the association, we will discharge directly into the storm drain near the right rear corner of the deck. If not, the system will discharge into a sump, and the water will be pumped into the existing downspout drain. It will be up to the owner to research the information regarding the storm drain.

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