Ward Construction is a leading expert in correcting drainage issues in the Bay Area.  If you have any drainage concerns, call us for an opinion about how to best correct it.  Fixing your drainage issues will remove moisture from your crawl spaces, dry out your basement, and solve moisture related problems around your home.



Here’s an example of a drainage installation:

We will construct a drainage system along the entire left side and half of the rear side of your home. The depth of the system will be lower than the lowest slab floor. The system will discharge into a sump located at the rear of your home from where the water will be pumped to the street. We will seal the left side foundation with 2 coats of asphalt emulsion. We will remove and replace a strip of concrete along the rear and across the public walk as necessary to install the drain.

Complete specifications to be included with the contract.

Drainage legs

We will construct a second leg of the drainage system along the entire right side and remainder of the rear. The system will also discharge into the previously mentioned sump.

Ward construction will correct your drainage problems.

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