Drainage Problems in San Leandro

Drainage Issues in San Leandro show up as water getting into your home or building, and can cause basement flooding, wet crawlspaces, mold, landslides, mud in the yard, and flooding or pooling of water in the yard.  Driveway drainage problems in San Leandro may include water getting into the garage, into the home, and unwanted puddles on the concrete driveway.  If you notice signs of drainage problems in your San Leandro property, we will be pleased to come take a look at it, with no cost or obligation.  Just give us a call at (510) 215-3636 to set up a free inspection.

Drainage Contractors

Drainage construction in San Leandro often involves drainage design in order to protect basement from flooding, dry out wet crawlspaces, avoid mud slide, protect retaining wall,  and stop the yard from flooding.  Water under a house or home can be very damaging, causing mold, bad smells, mildew, and dry rot. Drain repair and drainage repair may involve installation of French drain or French drains, and sometimes it is necessary to install sub drains, and a catch basin and sump pump to divert water from low areas under a home.   Rain water and storm water should run off the roof through gutters and downspouts, onto concrete tile or through grates then into the French drain, through piping and find it’s way to appropriate storm drains.

As competent drainage contractors we offer a free inspection in San Leandro, provide advice on drainage design, provide an estimate or bid for your drainage job, perform the work quickly and efficiently, with minimum intrusion on your lifestyle.  Most drainage problems are too much for the do it yourself project.  They often involve structural design, concrete pour into wood forms, underground drainage, and more.

Actual drainage job completed in San Leandro:

Here is one of many examples of a drainage construction project we completed on Prosperity Way in San Leandro:

We will construct a drainage system along the entire front and right sides of your home.

The drainage system consists of two pipes in a rock filled trench.  One is perforated, to collect sub-surface water and the other is non-perforated, to collect water from the roof downspouts.  At the upper end or start of the perforated pipe, a clean-out will be provided so the pipe can be tested or cleaned as necessary.

The minimum depth for the perforated pipe will be below the grade of the soil under the house adjacent to the trench, (a maximum 6 feet deep along a portion of the front), and both the perforated and non-perforated pipe will fall at least 1/8 inch per foot for the total length of the system to the point of discharge.

The perforated pipe will be installed on top of a bed of gravel, two inches deep, with the perforations pointed down.  The trench will then be then backfilled with drain rock.  The rock we recommend is Class I, Permeable Type A drain rock per the California State Specifications.  The drain rock is clean gravel that varies in size from 1/4 to 1/2 inch.

The trench will be a minimum of 12 inches wide.  This permits a four inch blanket of rock on each side of the four inch perforated pipe.

The downspout at the front side of your home will discharge onto the concrete along the right side. We will install a T into the line adjacent to the lowest portion of the sub-area in case any moisture gets beneath the system along the front, the T will allow a subdrain to be installed in the crawl space.

The system will discharge through a 4 inch solid pipe across your rear yard and will daylight through a diffuser onto the rear slope.

We will remove and replace a strip of concrete across the driveway and right and rear side patio as necessary.

We will remove and replace your entire driveway. The new driveway will be 5 inches thick and reinforced with ½ steel bars placed every 18 inches in 2 directions.

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