Drainage Problems

Drainage Problems

Drainage Problems

They won’t go away by themselves.  Don’t let your drainage problems let you end up in the newspaper as shown in the article below from centralwesterndaily.com.  If you suspect you have drainage problems, let us send an expert to your home for a free estimate to suggest cost effective and reliable solutions.

Drainage Problems Article:

DIANNE and Peter Cullen hope the sight of their drying socks and singlets might be enough to grab the attention of Blayney Shire Council.

“If we have to have a bloody ugly fence, we might as well make use of it,” Mrs Cullen said.

For six months, the Cullens and other residents of Unwin Street in Millthorpe have complained to Blayney Shire Council about a barrier they’ve dubbed “the clothesline”.

The barrier was erected around a section of Unwin Street that collapsed due to poor drainage and residents want the problem fixed.

Yesterday, they turned the barrier into an actual clothesline to protest their street’s resemblance to a swamp.

“We’ve been left terribly inconvenienced,” resident Sue Roweth said.

“We just want it fixed to the standard that it was,” Mrs Cullen added.

The drainage problems arose after a sewer line leading to a new subdivision was installed in Unwin Street.

Mrs Roweth said some properties had been so inundated with storm water that residents had been unable to access their driveways or front yards.

Blayney Shire Council has asked the developer to refill the trench, but environmental services director Paul O’Brien said the repairs had been delayed by wet winter weather. Mr O’Brien said the developer had agreed to fill the trench in the next fortnight and residents had been informed of this at a recent community meeting.

“In the meantime, we’re losing our property,” Mrs Roweth said.

“My husband’s been out there channelling during the rain.”

Mrs Cullen said residents wanted the drainage restored to the same standard that it was six months ago.

However, she said kerbing and guttering was the best solution to ongoing stormwater issues in Unwin Street.

She said the council had indicated this wouldn’t be possible until 2011 or 2012.

Mr OBrien said the council hadn’t ignored the residents complaints.

Council is aware of the problem and council is working with the developer to get the matter rectified,” he said.

Drainage Problems Fixed

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