Ward Construction provides services in the greater San Francisco Bay Area including, Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, Hayward, Marin and other East Bay and North Bay cities.

Here’s an example of the type of services provided:

Enclosed is a copy of the floor level survey recently done at the residence. The findings show the residence to be less than 2 inches of level, and within acceptable tolerances for a home of this size and age.  No recommendations regarding foundation work are made at this time.

Due to a number of variables the following is an approximate cost for solving the drainage problem. If you wish to proceed further, we should meet on site to discuss them.

We will construct a drainage system along the right, front, and rear sides of the residence. The system will be comprised of 2 separate legs, each starting near the center of the right side with a trench 6-1/2 feet deep. From here 1 leg will extend along the right side to the rear corner, then along the rear side to the left corner. The second leg will extend along the right side to the front corner, then continue along the front to the left corner. The system will maintain a depth lower than the adjacent sub-area or basement where water has previously appeared. The 2 legs will discharge through a 4 inch solid pipe down the front slope to the street. We will remove and replace a strip of bricks along the right and front sides as necessary to install the drain, we will probably not be able to match the bricks exactly. Some of the landscaping will be removed or damaged, and no replacement is included. Complete specifications to be included with the contract.

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