Retaining Wall Prevents Erosion

A recent report illustrates the importance of a good retaining wall, which many homeowners need around their homes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

BRANDON — A new, Lego-like retaining wall will prevent erosion behind the Rankin County Courthouse, an effort to preserve the foundation of the 85-year-old landmark.

The $225,000 retaining wall was dedicated Monday in memory of Bill Brandon, a former community development director and steward of Rankin history.

“This is a great step in preserving our rich heritage,” Supervisor Walter Johnson said of the retaining wall that corrected a decades-old erosion problem along the courthouse site’s west bank.

Officials worried the crumbling bank would damage the integrity of the two-story brick building that houses the Justice Court and other county offices.

Retaining Wall helps building survive

The new wall, built of large concrete blocks, is up to 30 feet tall in some areas. The large blocks snap together, much like building blocks, said Jake Keys, project manager with Richland-based Engineering Service.

retaining wall

retaining wall

Johnson said the project had been talked about for years.

“The historic commission has always thought we should do something to preserve our history,” Johnson said. “Under this board, the county was able to set aside some money to pay for it.”

Penny Schooler, chairwoman of the Brandon Historic Preservation Commission, said the courthouse is one of three Mississippi landmarks in the city and she was happy to see the county work with the state Department of Archives and History on picking materials.

“The finished wall looks great and complements the surrounding buildings,” Schooler said.

Retaining Wall Inspection

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