Scope of Work

The following work will be done per the plans drawn by structural engineer dated November 1998 and recommendations of Ward Construction, Inc.:

1.  Construct 2 concrete bench piers and grade beam along the front right side garage foundation.  We will remove and replace the adjacent flatwork as necessary.

2.  Remove and replace the rear concrete deck. The new deck will be bordered on the lower side by a concrete retaining wall, and on the other 2 sides by a curb wall.  The new deck will be poured over imported crushed rock fill.

The height of the retaining wall will be increased to approximately 42 inches above the concrete patio to serve as a railing.  The exact height of railing to be determined by owner.  The engineering cost to modify the plan is included.

Both sides of the concrete railing and the exposed side of the retaining wall will be stuccoed to match the house.

The concrete patio will be colored concrete.

3.  We will construct a drainage system along the rear and left sides of your home.  We will remove and replace the retaining walls and sidewalk along the rear and left sides.  The system will discharge through a 4 inch solid pipe across your front yard to the street.

The concrete walkway will be colored concrete.  The retaining walls will not be colored concrete.

The drainage system consists of two pipes in a rock filled trench.  One is perforated, to collect sub-surface water and the other is non-perforated, to collect water from the roof downspouts.  At the upper end or start of both lines, as well as at the major corners, a clean-out will be provided so that both lines can be tested or cleaned as necessary.

The minimum depth for the perforated pipe will be below the grade of the soil under the house and both the perforated and non-perforated pipe will fall at least 1/8 inch per foot for the total length of the system to the point of discharge.

WARD CONSTRUCTION, INC. by:                                   Owners by:____________________

Contract Sheet #3

The perforated pipe will be installed on top of a bed of gravel, two inches deep, with the perforations pointed down.  The trench will then be then backfilled with drain rock.  The rock we recommend is Class I, Permeable Type A drain rock per the California State Specifications.  The drain rock is clean gravel that varies in size from 1/4 to 1/2 inch.

The trench will be a minimum of 12 inches wide.  This permits a four inch blanket of rock on each side of the four inch perforated pipe.

4.  We will construct 6 concrete bench piers on the rear and left sides of the residence to bolster the existing foundation.

5.  We will install 10 lineal feet of 3/8 inch plywood panels nailed every 3 inches along the perimeter covering the sub-area cripple walls.  We will install 6 new 5/8 inch anchor bolts and 2 Simpson HD2A holdowns in the area of the new panels.

We will lift a portion of the front and left sides of your home prior to the installation of the plywood panels to bring it to a more level position.

We will record the differential elevations of your home on a rough plan before leveling and after leveling so you have a record of what was done.

Your home will be leveled from its existing foundation and no additional foundation work is included in this recommendation.  As the house is raised, a crack will appear between the top of the foundation and the framing.  We will grout this crack as necessary, with a high strength non-shrink grout, to support the house.

We will replace the wood underpinning blocks with adjustable steel piers and extend the foundation bolts as necessary to provide anchorage.  If the foundation bolts are missing or for some reason cannot be extended, we will secure the frame to the foundation with another method suited to the particular construction of the building.  There may be an additional charge for attachment if the bolts are missing or if the building department requires special inspections for this work.

We will either raise the house around the fireplace or raise the fireplace with the house.  In either case, the fireplace, hearth, chimney or fireplace facing may be damaged and the repair is not included in this price.

WARD CONSTRUCTION, INC. by:                                   Owners by:____________________

Contract Sheet #4

During the leveling process, new cracks and problems may develop.  This price does not include any of the following work, whether the damage occurred before, during or after the leveling:

Tile, masonry, brick work or fireplace repair.

Gutter or roof repair.

Unexpected plumbing, gas, water, sewer, heating ducts or sprinkler repair, relocation or adjustment; electrical, T.V. or phone.

Cosmetic work; door replacement, repair or weatherstripping.

After leveling, we can provide an estimate for any of the above work.

When the leveling process is complete, the house will not be exactly level because it was not built level and the difference in lumber shrinkage alone will make a house slightly out of level.

Door and window frames may not have been perfectly square at the time of construction, or they may have been reset after the house was out of level.  They may have also been so severely warped during the settling process that they will not return to their original condition.  Floors that are severely warped for a long period of time also may not return to their original condition.  Any additional work outside of the actual process of leveling to restore a better appearance to doors, windows, or floors should be considered cosmetic repair and is not included in this price.

This improvement will not prevent shifting in the future, but it will correct some of the present practical problems of door closure and stress on the house causing the various cracks.  If the house continues to shift, future releveling may be required.

Because of the unstable soil conditions and seismic activity prevalent in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is impossible to predict future performance of the foundation, supporting soils or the structure or stability of the surrounding land.

WARD CONSTRUCTION, INC. by:                                   Owners by:____________________

Contract Sheet #5

6.  We will remove and replace 28 lineal feet of retaining wall along the front walk and left side of the driveway.  We will remove and replace the adjacent concrete flatwork as necessary to construct the new walls.

The retaining wall concrete and the adjacent concrete flatwork patch will be colored concrete.

Price:  $ 6,700.00

7.  Remove and replace the concrete walk on the right side of the house.  The new walk will ramp up to the new rear concrete patio.  The ramp will be formed along the downhill side to provide a straight edge and so it is not poured against the fence.

The concrete will be colored.

Connect the 3 downspouts along the walkway into 3 inch drainpipe and discharge the pipe onto the driveway.

8.  Entry steps and deck.

a.       Remove the existing concrete deck and steps from the upper brick step on the set of steps adjacent the public sidewalk up to the front door.

b.      Remove the stucco from the concrete deck, over the railings and down to the foundations below.  Against the house walls the stucco will be removed approximately 1 foot above the concrete deck.

c.       Install new 5/8” thick plywood sheathing on the upper deck, sloped to drain toward the steps.  No wood rot repair is included, because none was visible during our site visit.

d.      Install a new modified bitumen roofing membrane.

e.       Pour a new colored concrete deck and steps.

f.       Remove and re-install the existing metal railing and brick cap on the curb along the right side of the lowest set of brick steps.  A new concrete curb will be poured and doweled into the side of the brick steps.

WARD CONSTRUCTION, INC. by:                                   Owners by:____________________

Contract Sheet #6

g.      Remove the existing 1 x 8 sheathing on the porch walls and install ½ inch plywood sheathing.

h.      Install stucco weep above the new concrete and lap new building paper under the existing paper on the house walls.  If the existing building paper is deteriorated to the point that we cannot tie into it properly, or if there is not existing paper, we will consult with you regarding possible alternative means of waterproofing.

i.        Patch the stucco to match as close as possible but the color will be different.

j.        No brick cap on the railings is included.  No brick on the step at the front door is included.

k.      The existing railing heights do not meet the building code.  We will install iron railings on top of the new stucco railings to raise the height to 36 inches.  Hand rails on one side of the two long sets of stairs are included.  An allowance of $ 2,970.00 is included for iron railings and handrails.

9.  No painting of any kind is included in any phase of the job.

Our prices for underground work, drilling, trenching or digging are based on soil conditions visible on the surface at the time of our inspection.  Even if a subsurface soil investigation has been done by a competent soil engineer, this tells what the conditions are at the test site only.  A few feet away different conditions may exist.  If we encounter any subsurface conditions which require additional work such as, excessive ground water, cave-ins, loose fill, hard rock or other underground obstructions that require a change of method or change of location or change of equipment for the completion of the underground work, you should anticipate an increase in the cost of the job.  The contract price for the work specified is based on ideal conditions and no extra work is included.

Owner will be notified by contractor when any of the above conditions occur.

All rock, hard ground, or buried concrete that requires an electric or pneumatic chipping hammer or jackhammer for excavation will be billed hourly in addition to the contract price.

Because of the unstable soil conditions and seismic activity prevalent in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is impossible to predict future performance of the foundation, supporting soils of the structure or stability of the surrounding land.

WARD CONSTRUCTION, INC. by:                                   Owners by:____________________

Contract Sheet #7

Prior to making their final inspection, the building inspection department requires a smoke detector in each bedroom and in each hallway with bedrooms adjacent the hallway.

If you do not have the required smoke detectors, please have them installed prior to the completion of our work.  If you want assistance with installing the smoke detectors, please call our office.

Progress bills are due and payable upon receipt.  Bills not paid within 10 days of billing date will be charged a service charge of 1½% per month.

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